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Editorial Policy

We at MyMeds247.com aim to make quality and affordable healthcare accessible to one and all. And hence, we maintain very strict standards to ensure you get trusted, well-researched and comprehensive healthcare information. All of our evidence-based content published by us is curated and reviewed by our highly knowledgeable and experienced Clinical Research Board which comprises of teams of doctors, medical experts, pharmacists and editors who have extensive knowledge and rich expertise in medical research and writing.

1. Our Clinical Research Board

Our content is well researched and trusted by our editorial panel which is led by Dr. Kalyanita Sachdev MBBS, MSPH (U.K.), followed by our senior health content writers, executive health content writers and health content editors.

2. Guiding Framework

We have laid following principles as pillars for our content creation so that you are provided with valid, trustworthy and comprehensive medical and healthcare content.



Original, reliable and trusted content



Well researched, authentic and valid content



Backed by references, medical evidence and citation of the source



Supportive information, not substitute of doctor-patient relationship

Up to date

Up to date

Well integrated with latest updates, medical research, news, and guidelines on timely basis



Unbiased information towards any particular brand, product or service.

3. Editorial Workflow and Process

Science Research

Research and planning

Comprehensive and extensive research to explore areas of lacking quality content

Structure Content

Structure of the content

Plotting into content category after clinical validation

Content creation

Content creation

Preparation of content from authentic sources by our editorial board


References- Content

backed by references, medical evidence and citation of the source

Content Review

Content review

Review by expert medical team to ensure accuracy, consistency and readability

Feedback Update

Feedback and updates

Feedback consideration from user for quality improvement and periodical updates to integrate with recent developments.