Breast Screening

Breast Screening At Home

(Radiation-free, non-contact breast health screening solution)

Breast Screening at Home

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What is Breast Health Screening?

Breast health screening at home is a solution with an aim to screen women for early detection of breast health risk using Thermalytix™ with AI based technique with the help of our partner Niramai Health Analytix Screening Solution.

It is radiation-free, non-contact breast cancer screening solution at home to detect early stage of cancer risk.

  • Non-Invasive
  • No Radiation
  • No Touch
  • No See (Privacy-aware)
  • Useful for detecting risk of cancer
  • Works for all age group (even below 40 years)
Breast Screening

Screening feature

No Touch

No Touch

No see

No See

No Pain

No Pain

No Radiation

No Radiation


20-25 Mins

All Age

Works For All Ages

Guidelines to the people interested in screening

  • Each screening will take 10-15 minutes.
  • No yoga, massage, or strenuous exercise to be done at least three hours prior to screening.
  • Avoid using lotions, creams, deodorants or powders on the chest or underarms on the screening day.
  • The screening is non-invasive and privacy aware. No one touches or sees the subject.
  • No coffee or any other hot drink to be consumed 1 hour prior to screening.
  • No food to be consumed 1 hour prior to screening.

For ideal results from the screening test

  • If you are suffering from cold, influenza or fever, please postpone the screening test to a future date.
  • If you are consuming any pain killers, vasodilators or any hormonal medication, please mention the same to the imaging technician.
  • Ideally postpone.
Breast Screening

Benefits of breast health screening using Thermalytix™ with AI based technique



It is density-agnostic and is effective even for women under 40 years, for whom Mammography is not recommended.

Early detection

Early detection

It detects tumors significantly smaller (5 mm) than what can be detected with physical examination (25 mm).

No side effects

No side effects

Thermalytix™ with AI based technique does not use radiation of any form, and just measures temperature on the body.


Non-contact, absolutely private screening

Our equipment is placed at 3 feet from the patient. This no-touch, no-see screening makes it a painless procedure. The privacy-awareness is very much applauded by women. It also enables post-surgery follow-ups and monitoring during treatment procedures.


Portable equipment

The thermal sensor can be carried to any location in an ordinary backpack increasing accessibility of screening test.

Low cost

Low cost per screening

Screening cost per screening is significantly lower compared to other modalities.