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What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance also known as Medical Insurance Plans/Policy, is a legal agreement between a policyholder and an insurer under which the health insurance company agrees to pay the former's medical expenses up to the sum insured limit. It offers healthcare coverage for costs incurred during an unexpected or anticipated hospitalization. Additionally, it provides tax savings on the insurance premium paid to the insurance company under Section 80D of the Income Tax, 1961.

A health insurance policy is similar to an annual contract where the insurance provider pays all medical costs incurred during the policy tenure. The medical expenses include hospitalization associated to illness, accidents, surgeries, etc. These expenses may be obtained by paying a set sum called premium. These expenses are covered by a medical insurance policy in the form of reimbursement or cashless treatment.

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Benefits of Health Insurance Plan

  • Free Health Check-ups
  • Top Hospitals Coverage
  • Cashless Claims
  • Easy reimbursement
  • Surgery Cover as per policy wording
  • Senior Citizen Cover
  • Child Cover
  • Maternity Cover
  • Tax Benefits
Health Insurance
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Top Reasons to Buy Health Insurance Plans

Access to high-quality medical treatment can be expensive due to rising healthcare expenses. Therefore, each and every citizen must enroll in a reliable health insurance plan in order to financially protect yourself and your loved ones against any critical illness. Below are the top reasons why should you buy a health insurance plan as soon as possible:

Cashless Hospitalization

Avail Cashless Hospitalization Facility

By raising a cashless claim, you can get a cashless hospitalization facility at any of your insurance provider's network hospitals.

Medical Treatment

Afford Quality Medical Treatment

It helps you to manage for the high caliber medical care and treatment, allowing you to concentrate only on healing.

Medical Inflation

Medical Inflation

Despite the rising cost of healthcare, a health insurance policy can assist you in paying your medical bills, including pre and post hospitalization expenses, today and in the future.

Lifestyle Diseases

Fight Lifestyle Diseases

With changing lifestyles, it enables you to pay for the long-term treatment of lifestyle diseases like cancer, heart attacks, etc.

Ensure Peace

Ensure Peace of Mind

It offers you to obtain medical treatment with peace of mind because you won't have to worry about paying the high hospital bills.

Your Savings

Protect Your Savings

By paying for your medical expenses, it helps you to protect your hard-earned savings so you can avail the necessary treatment without worrying about money.

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

It allows you to better plan your finances by allowing you to save the cost of your health insurance premium from your taxable income under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Types of Health Insurance Plans

There is a various range of best health insurance plans, policies in India. Here is a list of popular health insurance plans:

Individual Health

Individual Health Insurance Plans

A single individual is the only person covered by an individual health insurance policy or plan. This plan covers your medical expenses for things like hospitalization, injuries, room rent, and many more. This policy offers a sum insured that can only be used by the person who is covered by the plan, making it a single-person policy.

Family Health Plan

Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

You can cover your entire family under a single policy with family health insurance. These policies typically have higher insurance limits than standard individual health insurance plans. All family members covered by the plan have access to the insured amount. The best thing about this plan is that for a small premium amount, you can cover your entire family.

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

Protect the well-being of your elderly family with a Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan. This plan, specifically tailored for individuals over 65, offers comprehensive coverage for hospitalization, pre-existing conditions, and critical illnesses, ensuring your loved ones receive quality healthcare without financial burden.

Group Health insurance

Group Health Insurance Plan

Group health insurance plans offer coverage to a defined group, like employees of a company. Each member receives a predetermined sum insured, ensuring financial support for medical expenses. Some plans allow extending coverage to family members, who then share the allocated sum insured.

Coverage under Health Insurance Policies

Each medical insurance policy is unique, the majority of them provide the same coverage. Below are some common inclusions under the insurance plans and it depends on which plan you opt in the given options.

  • Inpatient Care
  • Hospital accommodation- Room Rent/day
  • Hospital accommodation- ICU/day
  • Day Care Treatment
  • Pre - hospitalization Medical Expenses
  • Post- hospitalization Medical Expenses
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization
  • Organ Transplant
  • Maternity (Normal & Caesarean)
  • Emergency Ground Ambulance
  • And other benefits as per plan and benefits chosen
Health Insurance
Health Insurance

What is not covered in Health Insurance Plans?

Despite covering the majority of illnesses and conditions, medical insurance still has some exclusions. Below are some common exclusions under the health insurance plans:

  • Dental procedures
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Non-prescription drugs
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Congenital diseases
  • Injuries incurred from war, terrorism, & suicide
  • And further as per policy wording.

Understand your health insurance policy

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