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Ask your doctor

Ask a Doctor

Confusion about your medical issues, ask question to our doctor or pharmacist.


Telehealth Consultation

Get 4 free online doctor consultation with general physician or specialist in a year with top doctors.

Free Report Analysis

Lab Report Analysis

Get free lab report analysis from our expert doctors.

Hospital OPD

Hospital OPD / IPD Discount

Get discounts on MyMeds247 network hospitals on appointment booking.

Personal accident

Personal Accident Cover

Protect yourself with ₹2 Lakh personal accident cover.

Free Report Analysis

Talk to a Psychologist

Worried about your mental health, speak to a psychologist.

Frequently Asked Questions

MyMeds247 membership is free of cost plan which gives its members easy access to top class medical facilities, discounts on mymeds247 network hospitals, Personal accidental cover, Online doctor consultation and lab report analysis.

Individual can visit our portal and sign up with his/her correct details to activate and get free membership* plan.

*subject to mymeds247 discretion solely.

MyMeds247 Membership benefits are:

  • - Hospital OPD/IPD discount
  • - Personal Accidental Death cover up to 2 Lakh
  • - Ask A Doctor
  • - Telehealth Consultation
  • - Lab Report Analysis

Mymeds247 is online healthcare ecosystem where one can pay and purchase health packages online like dental, dermatology, vaccination and lab test packages as per need.

You can write email at and can contact at number +91-124-4688461.


  • Certificate Policy to be issued for Age Band 18 -55 years only
  • Certificate Policy Tenure to be 1 year

Personal Accident Policy Coverage:

  • Accidental Death Only
  • Sum Insured 2 Lakh

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